Meanness is the means to an end. Kindness is the road to eternity.”
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Hector and Pam Lugo

Meet Our Co-Founders

Hector and Pam Lugo

Hello-- I'm Hector Lugo, co-founder of the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group, with Pam, my wife of 35 years. The headquarters of our group is located in Blue Springs, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri). Pam and I have had numerous encounters with the spiritual world over the past 52 years. We have had ghosts live with us in all the homes we have lived in and have had contact with many others at different locations throughout the world. We, like everyone else interested in the paranormal, have all kinds of questions we would like answered, and sometimes the living don't have those answers. We started the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group to share our knowledge and paranormal experiences and to research and seek answers. Our group our members are members in law enforcement, nurses, federal agents, business owners and ordinary people. We enjoy the chemistry and positive attitude of working with the other members of our group and consider ourselves family. I had my first encounter with a spirit when I was a very young, and even though it scared me at the time, it was not harmful in any way. I was scared because I didn't know what to make of what I encountered or how to react. Since then I've had hundreds of other encounters, but none of them have been harmful or negative in any way. I'm not saying there aren't negative or bad entities out there, but I believe when you bring a positive attitude to an investigation, you are less likely to run into something that's harmful. I think spirits know why you are there and adjust accordingly. A positive approach in investigating has worked for us, and we will continue to conduct all of our investigations in this manner.  

Hector’s Story

Allow me to let you in on a lttle bit of my journey: I was born in 1952 and have been fortunate enough to have traveled to numerous locations throughout the world. I attended the University of Maryland College Park and have been in law enforcement for about thirty-plus years. I currently work at a local hospital as a security officer and enjoy my job. I guess the question you would probably ask is "Why would you form a paranormal group?" Well, it's actually pretty easy to answer that question. My first encounter with a ghost was when I about 7 years old in Puerto Rico. We lived in an old house that didn't have glass windows at the time, just shutters that we could close in case it rained. We did not have a restroom in the house, but we did have an outhouse. We also had a trained horse that we would call late at night if we needed transportation to the outhouse. Because our house was small, my brother, Herbert (then 5 years old) and I shared a bed. One night, we got into an argument about the thin sheet that we used as a blanket. Somehow, that sheet always ended up at the end of the bed by morning. One night, we needed to go to the outhouse. We lit our candle and called our horse, who came up to the window and stood there while we climbed on board. Usually we would head off to the outhouse without any problem, except this night, we watched from our horse's back as the sheet on our bed lifted up and was then carefully moved back to the end of the bed. Needless to say, we went to the outhouse and stayed there the rest of the night, until sunrise the next morning. There were frogs, spiders and no telling what else next to that outhouse, but we knew it was safer there than in our bedroom, where sheets moved on our bed without any visible human assistance! When our family in the house woke up and started to move around the next morning (and thank God they were early risers), Herb and I explained to Grandma and Mom what had happened. They could tell we were tired and scared, and Grandma explained in a calm voice that there was nothing to fear, it was her mother (our great- grandmother) trying to take care of us. She went on to explain that our great grandmother probably assumed that since it was the middle of summer, we were probably hot, and that if she pulled the sheet back for us, we would be more comfortable. The calm manner in which she explained everything made us both feel like it was okay, it was normal and just part of life--there was nothing to fear. The older we got, the better we would learn to understand it. Man, was she ever right! As a result, I've never really feared ghostly encounters. I'm more scared of heights and the dark than running into a spirit or ghost. That's because at an early age, I was properly instructed on how not to fear the unknown. By the way, Herb and I both laughed about our first ghost encounter until the day he moved on. Since then, Pam and I have had incredible encounters. We've had ghosts reside in our homes (still do) and have been able to see and speak with some of them over the years. As far as what gifts or abilities I have, I don't know how to explain that. Sometimes I can see a spirit that looks as real as a human being. Other times I can hear them, and sometimes we communicate through dreams. It's not often or consistent enough that I can actually control it--but one thing is for sure--whenever we go on an investigation, I can get some incredible pictures. It's almost like"Hey!, I'm over here, take my picture!" I'll have no explanation as to explain why I took that shot at that time, but somehow it works. I do know this, God created more than the earth and our universe, and we would be closed-minded to think that this is all there is.There has to be more, and I have a lot of questions I would like answered. Forming this group, sharing experiences, and gathering knowledge is one way of continuing this journey. We are in one of many different dimensions--on a journey to reach the next dimension. LeAnna, one of our team members, suggested the name "10th Dimension" and it fit! Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
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Hector and Pam Lugo Co-founders