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Kingsville, Missouri: 2012 - 2014

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) - this is the case from the TV show: “My Ghost Story-Caught on Camera,” Season 3, Episode 70 I would have to say that since 1972 this case is one of the top ten I've encountered. The first time I've encountered a Shape-Shifter or Skin-walker and an Elemental at the same location with numerous other spirits. Like other incredible case's this one took almost two years to cleanse out but it was well worth it. The 10th Dimension members did an incredible job sticking to our guns throughout the entire process and never ever giving up or complaining about the length of the case. We tried just about every method of clearing out entities that we knew and most of it did work but the Shape-shifter fought back just as hard on trying not to leave or be removed. We had one major cleansing method to use and that proved to be the one the Shape-shifter could not combat with and left. I'll try to describe as accurate as possible everything that happened from the first contact by Mark P. until the final follow up three years later. Just so you know this case was featured on the Bio channel and is getting ready to be presented again by another major channel in the near future. Like every other case, we present the evidence and facts as they happened and are true , nothing has been embellished or edited or changed to make it a better story, not even the T.V. show changed anything. What we got is what you get and if anyone has any questions about this case they can contact me through the web site email address. Okay, on with the case. It was an ugly Saturday evening and we were investigating another location when my cell phone rang and on the other end was Laurie and she was calling me from Texas. She introduced herself and asked if I had a couple of minutes that they had some serious ghostly activity in their home and needed our help right away, that they were in the process of moving out and couldn't take it anymore. I mentioned that she said she was in Texas and we were in Missouri. She said she was visiting her other daughter and that the house with all the activity was in Kingsville, Mo, not far from where we were at that moment. Laurie went on to explain how objects were moving, loud noises and that it was physically attacking her 16 year old daughter. That she couldn't even go into her own bedroom without being attacked by this thing. By this time Laurie was in tears and asking for our help, so I stopped the case we were on and asked the group on how they felt about stopping this one and going to the house with major problems? We were almost done anyway and we were doing a sage cleansing and the activity at this location was not nearly as active as to what Laurie described. We finished our smudging and Laurie gave us the address to her house and said that her husband Mark and her daughter Rachael would be there to meet us. It was about an hour drive from where we were, so off we went. We found the house or mansion in the middle of nowhere and we just pulled up to the long gravel driveway that was about 100 yards long and stared at the house. It looked scary and we were next to the barn so we slowly drove up the gravel driveway up to the garage area. The house was huge, with columns by the main entrance with a two car garage. It was two story's high with a small balcony over the main entrance and the entire house was made of concrete, yep, concrete. There was a barn that held, I think 11 goats, chickens, they had numerous dogs, cats, rabbits, and it was a farm! They had two ponds and a horse out in one of the fields and a cemetery a short distance away, about half mile or so. I got out of the car and knocked on the door to make sure we had the right house and Mark answered the door with Rachael right behind him. I don't know who was more excited to see who; we just didn't want to knock on the wrong door late at night in the middle of nowhere. I introduced our team members as we unloaded our equipment and started the initial interview process, you know the meet and greet and sign forms for consent, etc. While I was doing this Diana, Angela, Pam and Dennis walked around the house to see if they could pick up anything. After about 20 to 30 minutes they one by one returned to the kitchen area where I was talking with Mark and Rachael and reported back what they had found. Now, so you better understand how this process is set up for us. Angela and Dennis are one team and Diana and Pam were another and they took turns going to different parts of the house writing down notes so we could compare them after the walk through. Both teams reported on four different locations with the same activity. It was extremely heavy to breathe in Rachael's room, something they felt on the landing at the top of the stairs, heaviness in another bedroom upstairs and the k-2 meters went off for both of the groups on the first floor behind the stairs. I asked Pam and Angela to complete the interview process while I made my round. I entered one of the living room areas and my very first picture I captured an extremely large orb right over the couch. There's no way something that big could be dust and it was the only orb picture I captured that night. I did pick up on the other activity they mentioned on the upper floor. We showed Mark and Rachael the large orb and a couple of EVPS we picked up in the first hour, so we decided that we would do a sage cleansing and a Holly water cleansing to see what happened. We talked some more and decided that we would schedule a return visit as soon as possible to help resolve the activity. A couple of days later Rachael called and said things are even more active, that things were quiet for a couple of days and now whatever it is back and more active. I spoke with the rest of the group and we decided to return that following Sat. to set up a full investigation, except we would use the VCR recorder with audio instead of the digital system. The VCR seems to be able to pick up more evidence then the digital because we don't have to deal with the pixels and the VCR will only pick up true mass on the magnetic film and it's easier to review, at least I think so. As we were pulling in that Saturday night, it was Jan. and dark and cold, we started unloading our equipment when I turned around and saw a small child like figure standing on the upper balcony just watching us. He had a human head with two small horns, arms and torso like a human and feet like a goat with hoofs and he was wearing some strange looking black pants like cowboys wear when riding with cattle. I noticed that he didn't know I could see him so I grabbed a camera and started towards the door under him when he noticed I could see him and he just shot through the double glass doors. He didn't open them or break the glass. I ran inside and he was headed down the stairs when I stopped and he turned around and headed back up. I took a quick picture and captured the top of his head with his ears and a purple orb just above him. He ran up the stairs and jumped into the first bedroom on his left and I just stood there outside the door leading to the bedroom with the camera ready when he peaked around the corner to see where I was at and I captured the picture of him. The pictures are attached to this report so you can see what I'm referring to. If you look and zoom in you can see he stands about three feet tall, has a goat face with horns. He backed off into the room so I ran in and looked everywhere and could not find him anywhere but I did get some very interesting pictures of strange orbs outside the second floor window. Of course all the other people were wondering what I was doing so I explained what I had just encountered and showed them the pictures. Needless to say they were in awe and were curious as to what that could be. I had an idea but I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I asked the team to set up the equipment as we had discussed and I sat down with the family and Pam to discuss what just happened. At this time I didn't feel like the family was telling us everything and were holding back. They said they were but that we were complete strangers to them and they didn't know what to disclose or say until they knew us better and felt more comfortable and I was okay with that so we agreed to start over and leave nothing out. That whatever knowledge we had would help us better deal with what was going on. We sat down and Rachael started off with what she thinks was happening. She said that they had moved here to Kingsville from California to be closer to their family. That they were not use to the neat old cemeteries that were around so Rachael and Laurie thought it would be okay to go to these cemeteries and look around. They couldn't believe how old some of the dates on the tombstones were. So they started sketching the info off of some of the headstones with a piece of paper and charcoal pencil. Rachael said that some of the headstones way back by themselves didn't even have a date or name but strange symbols like arrows and animals. It wasn't but a few days after they did this that they started noticing strange things start to happen in their house. At first it was little things and now it's gotten to where we are now. I listened to Laurie, the mother who called me from Texas and her story was almost the same and Mark the dad had nothing, he hadn't heard or seen anything but he believed them and wanted to do whatever he could to help. I told them what we have is a bigger issue then you think but before we draw any final conclusions that we needed to review what evidence we could have possibly picked up on the recorders and review it. We would get back with them as soon as possible, maybe next week again. In the meantime we did a holy cleansing with prayers to see if that would help. We reviewed the evidence and noticed that about 80% of the activity was upstairs, maybe more. Our K-2 meters and other equipment were going off in the same general areas and we couldn't debunk it. We had some good pictures of strange orbs and mist and a thick mass we couldn't explain. I told all the members what they had told me about going to the cemetery and what they did and what they encountered at the back end of the cemetery. By being Tiano Indian I know some about Indian customs as did Angela, who is from the Potawannami Tribe and Pam and Diana are related to the Cherokee Nation. So we checked out the cemetery and sure enough way in the back where headstones with animals, arrows, spears, etc. It was an Indian burial ground. Rachael and Laurie had gone back there and started tracing and did not ask permission to do so pissing off one of the Indian spirits that followed them home and was trying to take control over what they had done. This spirit was not a good one, as a matter of fact it was a Shape-Shifter or skin walker, an entity that could change its appearance into whatever it wanted to on their farm and since it was a goat farm that is the shape he was taking most often. We had our hands full so we decided to meet with the family and discuss our plan of attack to try and remove these spirits and this Shape-shifter. We decided to go through the process of elimination and try whatever we thought would remove these spirits. Our goal was to remove all of the weaker spirits and have the final battle between the Shape-shifter and us. So we did the religious cleansing, seven day candle cleansing, a Wiccan cleansing, we redid the sage cleansing and the Holy water and mineral cleansing with prayers being said in each room. This went on for well over a year and we knew that we could see the light at the end of the tunnel because a lot of the activity was not only changing but there weren't nearly as many orbs, mist or strange sounds like before. We contacted other paranormal groups to see if they have ever encountered anything like this and none had. What added to the activity was that we also had an Elemental spirit that we thought was of the water. Every time it rained the activity would increase and it was hard to explain why until Pam figured it out. We contacted a friend by the name of Joe who came in and dealt directly with that part and he did manage to remove it after a few weeks. We continued dealing with all these other spirits until we felt we were down to just him and us. So we met at a café with Rachael and Laurie and explained what, how and when we planned on doing this big battle with the shape-shifter. They agreed and we proceeded to make contact with different Native American Tribes to get their in-put on what and how to deal with this entity. The Elders gave us the info we needed and told us how to set it up and what type music to play and how to approach the entire ceremony. We went and spent hundreds of dollars on what we needed and even practiced before we went in for this battle. When we arrived we felt good about what was going to happen. Our goal was to set up a sacred Ceremonial Altar inside the main living room by the stairs and front door. We all put on our colors from our different tribes and our Indian symbols on our face and feathers and other tools needed to perform the Ceremony. We set up video equipment to document the event. Our objective was to call in our Native American Spiritual Ancestors to help take this shape shifter and put him back on the Red Road. While we were setting up so was another Native American Tribe a few hundred miles away and at sunset we were to start the Ceremony, which was at 7:42 p.m. We had set up the four directions in the ceremonial circle and had placed our ceremonial bowls at each direction with the proper herbs and our chants and so forth. Dennis, Angela's husband was taking the pictures and running the music part for us. We started right on time and the altar was really going great by this time. As we started the ceremony, we cleansed each person in the house and just as we finished that we started the actual speaking to our ancestors when we all heard three extremely loud bangs upstairs from Rachael's room. We knew then there was no turning back, the battle was on and we felt really good because he reacted to our ceremony and didn't like it. The ceremony went on for a few hours and we captured some incredible video of what appears to be figures of our ancestors coming out of the ceremonial altar and following us upstairs. You can see a very strange mist that formed with giant white orbs going from room to room right after us and following us downstairs. Rachael, Laurie and a couple of others that were present said that they actually saw figures of Indians come out of the alter and go up the stairs. We concluded our ceremony and we explained to the family that the Indian ancestors would stay here until they have done their job and it may take weeks, months and even years. About six months later we did a TV. segment on the Bio channel on My Ghost Story Caught On Camera on this case and the network did an excellent job of presenting the evidence as it happened, which was our main concern. Laurie even spoke at our conference about her case. Well, this is March of 2015 now and we still keep in contact with the family and they cannot believe the difference between now and then. Like they said, it's like nothing ever happened! They are so happy to have their lives back, Rachael had just turned 17 at the time and was in college and now she is living in New Zealand and is pretty happy with the way things are going. Now as far as the 10th Dimension group, we still stay extremely busy with tons of case's, fund raisers, doing radio and T.V shows and try to help everyone that ask. We get calls from North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, etc. just wanting to talk or asking what they could do because they think they are having activity. We try to help and sometimes I'll call a paranormal group close to the people that called and see if they can't help them. Now, I didn't mention that this shape shifter did not like females and was scared to death (if that's proper to say) of men. He actually attacked Diana, our K.C. Branch Manager and she had heart issues for over a week and had to see some doctors and take all kinds of test to tell her they couldn't find anything wrong with her and she's a nurse. I apologized to her for not telling her that it was probably from the shape shifter, but she didn't tell me till she got out of the hospital of what happened. These spirits can make your heart speed up and make you feel like you are having major heart problems. LeAnna, another member from our Oklahoma Branch was also attacked at the same location on the landing at the top of the stairs. The shape shifter grabbed her around the neck and she fought him off and came downstairs to tell us what just happened, so from that point on no females could venture anywhere in the house without someone being with them. This pretty much covers the gist of this case and I hope you use this info to help someone out if they ever encounter something like this. That is why the family agreed to do the TV show and other events, to let people know that if they ever encounter something like this there are people out there that can help you and we were glad we could. UPDATE: In January, 2014, we returned to this site as another ghost decided to visit them, except this time they had a pretty good idea of who it was and why he was there. Pam, my wife, said that the spirit at the house looked kind of like Santa, with a gruffly looking face with pot marks and wore a baseball cap and wore his hair long. He liked to fight but he didn’t start them. When we arrived (Pam didn’t go, she had other things to do that weakened) we met the family and they explained that some items in the house were being moved and strange things were happening again but they felt like it was new and had nothing to do with the other case. They went on to explain that one of their best friends just died in the past year and that some of the objects involved belonged to him, even the smell of smoke smelled like there friend. They went to get a picture of the guy and before she could show it to us I explained to them what Pam had seen and described the guy. They just smiled and showed us the picture and Pam probably took the picture, that’s how accurate she was and he was a door man at a bar and did like to fight but he was a real nice guy. If you’re interested in watching the “My Ghost Story Caught on Camera” TV show about this Kingsville case, you can find it on Amazon here. It aired on August 19, 2013, and is Season 3, Episode 70 (Shape Shifter segment). (It may be on iTunes as well.)
This is the top of the shapeshifter's head that Hector chased up the stairs.
This is a thermal photo of the shapeshifter-- it was in our client's bird cage, picking feathers off the parrot and dropping them on the bottom of the bird cage.
This is SUCH a cool picture! You can see the head of the shapeshifter peeking around the corner of door. Notice the horns and beard.
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