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Missouri & Kansas Summary: 2017

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) 2017 was a good year for the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group. We did our normal fund raisers in Ft. Osage and Missouri Town, plus we added The Blue Springs Pub Crawl. All these events sold out with Ft. Osage and Missouri Town having over 300 people attend each event. We did two Fox 4 T.V. clips, one a Missouri Town and the other at Eve’s Inkling Book store. House in Blue Springs, Missouri #1: This was an interesting case. We set up flashlights and K-2’s in the sub-basement and started getting awesome responses. Numerous times the flashlights would come on when requested, not just one but up to four different color flashlights. The K-2’s were being activated when we asked questions. We did our standard checking of the house before we started and we could not get anything to work till later in the investigation. There is some video with this case that Kelly captured on some of the sequences. Sugar Creek Gym, Sugar Creek, Missouri: This had been an awesome location for the previous few years but unfortunately this chapter in our journey had to be closed. The las time there we had our usual encounters with the child spirits there. They were great at communicating by using flashlight, moving objects and giving u great EVPs. This day was no different but they are supposed to start remodeling the gym. Bed and Breakfast in Boonville, Missouri: This was an awesome start to our season. We’ve been to this location numerous times but this time it was different. Linda had asked us to investigate the daughter of the couple that had moved in. All of them were experiencing incredible activity. Light fixtures actually exploded over their heads, the bathroom sink off the wall. It took us a while because of other activity in the house that kept trying to interfere with us till we went downstairs and that’s where Pam, my wife took over. She picked up on a 16-year-old spirit that was causing all the problems and this really not only freaked out the parents but the rest of the group. Pam said the spirit present was the twin sister of the girl that was living there. That she had died at birth and was trying to protect her twin from the boy that was trying to take her to the homecoming dance. The parents couldn’t believe it, nobody, but nobody knew of the twin sister dying at birth except them two, not even the other living twin. They asked us to keep this a secret from her. That’s been two years ago and they have moved on. Once pam had solved the mystery it was easy to solve the case. The parents needed to include the other twin in future activities as if she were alive and they didn’t have to tell the living twin that her guardian Angel was her twin sister. House in Kansas: This was a very special request by a celebrity to investigate her sister’s house. We arrived in groups of twos and started setting up all the regular equipment and proceeded with the investigation. This case started out slow but after a couple of hours things picked up. We captured some awesome EVPs of a little boy behind the kitchen counter saying “I love you!” A class “A” evp. Toby’s Place: This is a very special place out in Sibley or Buckner Missouri. Toby has had a labyrinth designed and built by her for years and they were getting ready to perform a special burning of the structure and a close friend of hers invited me to attend. I’ve never been to one of these so I decided to go. I arrived at around noon and being there for the first time I wasn’t sure which building I was supposed to go into so I walked around a bit and noticed right away about 8 to 10 Indian spirits in the back about 100 yards away just sitting on the mound, a couple on horses and a couple standing there. They saw me as well and even acknowledged my presence. I went into the correct building by following someone else and there were about 35 people already there. I picked a spot on the floor and listened to what was going to happen and how they planned on doing their ceremonial ritual burn. I followed them and watched as they did their dancing and singing and walked through the labyrinth like the others till they got to the middle when they started beating Indian drums. I noticed that the Indians on the hill were all standing and starring at us and waiting but nobody else could see them. After about thirty minutes I asked Toby if I could barrow one of her drums and explained what was going on. She handed me her personal drum and I proceeded to the edge of the fence line where the Indians where just a few feet away. I started playing the drum for them and talked to them and invited them in. The next thing I knew I was almost near the center of the labyrinth but they wouldn’t come any closer so I stopped and handed the drum back to Toby and explained what I had just done. Toby started crying and thanked me and told me about her past life, that she believes this is part of her actual tribe she was a member of and had been attacked by solider sans she died in that attack. That this is not the first time that someone had seen these same Indians but that nobody had ever explained it to her or brought them to connect her past to the present. The burn that evening didn’t go off at all, the grass just would not catch fire. I told Toby to bring in her Indian brothers and sisters and they would help her. That night she talked to them and the next morning I got a call from Toby that the most incredible thing happened. They went to see if by chance they could get some of the brush to burn off and it started right away with one start and everything burned perfect, like it was supposed to. A year later Toby sent me an email that I needed to come out to her place and see the labyrinth. It had grown like never before; it was tall green and awesome. The activity was special for me cause every time I go there I’m greeted by some of the tribe. This time it was a female Indian about 25 years old and had like 8- 10 dog spirits with her just running thru the labyrinth, I personally think it was Toby in her past life. I explained what happened and what I saw to Toby and she told me that all the dogs they have ever had and died on the land where buried out in the field. Kansas City Star Newspaper:  I was contacted by the K.C. Star newspaper to do a special on life After Death. They had gotten word of my experience from someone and set up to do an interview on my experience. You can go to here to see the article and video clip they did on it (or click on pic below). Meeting at Our Home:  I mention this because our house does have extremely active spirits and they are all good. One in particular is a little six-year-old girl, I call her Little Mary. She dresses up in her blue dress with a white apron and has her dark hair in pony tails, two, one on each side and is a typical six-year-old and can be mischievous at times. Well, we were having one of our meetings and we had set out a tray with cheeses and cut meats out in the middle of the living room for everyone to get what they wanted. We were all sitting around when all of us watched as a piece of cheese lifted up and went sideways about afoot and dropped to the floor. It was pretty impressive that Little Mary wanted a piece of cheese but it was too big and heavy for her. Oh, she’s done a ton of other things and people have heard her and Mary Liz on numerous occasions throughout the years. Apartment in Lee’s Summit, Missouri: This was just Diana and I and it was interesting that the people lived next to a complex pool that one of their friends had died in earlier that year. We did our walk through and the K-2’s started going off and we were starting to get some activity. One of the male friends of the family was there and he felt like the spirit was trying to talk with him and started explaining how the event of him drowning happened. That was interesting but without a copy of a police report we couldn’t confirm some of his details, just that his friend drowned in that pool. Miscellaneous: We did a couple of radio interviews, one downtown and the other with Night Watch Radio. Kansas City Paracon 2018 was awesome, best one yet. We’re getting better each year and Jason K. did a great job. Ft Osage, Sibley, Missouri: We also did our Ft. Osage tour and that turned out awesome. Over three hundred people turned out and we had a blast. There was a lot of activity. Here’s one that I liked and can verify. I had just finished setting up a group of about 25 people to finish investing the barracks and so that I wouldn’t influence their activity I stepped outside and met up with one of the volunteers by the name of Bob. Now Bob was a skeptic and was helping out for friend and was just hanging out. So, him and I walked around the corner of the main Forts Gate and we both heard the drums and chanting going on by the fire pit. We were like maybe 20 feet away and it kept getting louder and there was nobody around the pit. I walked down to the pit and as soon as I entered the pit area it all stopped. I looked at Bob and he was all excited because he never thought he would ever have an experience like that. I went into the trading post where there were about six people and none of them heard anything and they were in charge of the pit.  Bob still talks about his experience to this day. We do this event every year with Mo. Town, so if you get a chance come out and join us sometime. House in North Kansas City, Missouri: This was another interesting case. This person was having problems with things moving in the house in particular his daughters room, who was in her late teens. We had been there for a couple of hours and we had captured some interesting things but not like when everyone went into his daughter’s room. We were in there and Diana and Kelly were doing some evp sessions and the rest of us just watched when out of nowhere a spirit came up to me and whispered his name and gave me a quick flash of what he looked like when he died. So, I asked if there was a spirit here by the name of Gary? All the equipment on the table lit up at the same time and I went on to ask the spirit a couple of more questions which he answered. I told everyone in the room what he was wearing, a military grey uniform with green trim. And that he was probably in his early 40’s when he was killed. The owner of the house stopped everything and said there is no way I could have known that. That yes, they knew of a spirit by the name of Gary, that he was his grandads brother in he was in the Italian army in WWII when he was killed by the German army. We do have a video of this encounter that was made by Kelly. House in Blue Springs, Missouri #2: We went to this house twice, so I’ll combine the incidents. We were setting up when Diana mentioned that she was picking someone up in the basement. So, we decided to set up down there. It was Viv, Diana and Kelly. They had placed about five flashlights on the floor around a chair that had a doll on it. They made contact and had a session that went on for about 30 minutes of the spirit of what we think was a little girl turning the flashlights off and on request. She even went as far as lighting up four of the five flashlights at once and turning them all off at the same time. She would light up different colored flashlights on request. This was also captured on video by Kelly. Diana’s Relative’s House: This was a special case that Diana and I went to during the day. It involved a young boy, about 10 yrs. Old that kept saying he had some ghost in his bedroom closet. Diana and I thought, ok, we’ll probably not find anything but we’ll check it out. Boy, were we wrong. It turns out that someone in their apt. complex had been killed in an auto accident earlier that year and that it was a young boy and his father that were living in his closet. We did a cleansing but they haven’t left but they have never bothered the boy other than that they are there. Medicine Woman’s House in Kansas: This is an interesting case and that the owner of the house does a ton of healing and has abilities but not in the native American ways. She wanted us to come out and see what we could pick up, that there have been numerous people say they have seen Indians in their back yard and that one in particular was like a medicine woman and a few people that have never been there before described the same entity. Pam, Diana and I went out there and ventured out back by this large tree in the back corner of her yard. It seemed like there was a lot of energy coming from around that tree and we started to pick up things. So, we had the people of the land do an Indian ritual and acknowledge their presence with a sage offering and food offerings. We have been back there a few more times and the activity is awesome. The owner says that the Medicine woman helps her out and there are other Indians letting their presence be known. What started this activity to the level it is at now was that they had a water line break in their back yard and when they dug it up they found a Medicine wheel buried in their back yard. .House in Rayville, Missouri: This is a very old house built on Indian land and has a very well documented history of events from before the civil war. They have found a native American burial ground on their property and Indian artifacts. They have a lot of activity in the old house, some of the floors and ceiling were original from the mid 1800’s. Most of the activity was upstairs. We went to this house numerous times and always had something happen. There is a video that Viv has attached to our face book site. Eve’s Book Store, Blue Springs, Missouri: This was an interesting casein that we didn’t expect to find anything. We were setting up for the Pub Crawl when I saw a tall dark shadow of a man walk across the hall in the back carrying a Bible. Eve was standing next to me when he walked across and I asked her if saw anything and she did not but she felt something. I explained what I saw and we went to the area and it turns out from where he came from was where the Bibles where and where he went, to a little room, was where the Bibles use to be. Hide-Out-Bar: This was a brand-new bar and it was going to be part of the Pub crawl, so we wanted to investigate it to validate that they had activity before we would use them as part of the event. It turns out they have seen on numerous occasions what appears to be a mist in human form looking out this cut-out section of the stone wall. This section leads underneath all the store on that block and was a dirt ground. We set up equipment and had a friend by the name of Randy join us. We had flashlights going off, captured some good evps. Allies Store: This location is also part of the Pub Crawl and again we needed to investigate it for paranormal activity. That didn’t take long. As soon as you walk into that store you could feel the energy. It turned out Allie had gotten a weird old doll that was supposed to be haunted. As soon as she put it in the corner things started to happen. Things started falling of the wall they were screwed into the wall. Once we moved the doll to another location all that activity stopped, however, the basement had its own activity. There was a couple of spirits down there that had no problem activating hand held equipment. We captured a picture of what looks like a lady from the 1800’s holding a bay. Missouri Town, again, was a great event, with over 300 people in attendance. We did the Blue Springs Pub Crawl which turned out pretty good. It was sold out and was great for downtown Blue Springs. We did some other cases that I can’t mention due to confidentiality reasons and not all cases had activity. Kind of like fishing-- sometimes they bite and a lot of times you get no hits.