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Scottish Rite Temple, Kansas City, Missouri: 2006 - 2009

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Temple; Investigated from Jan. 2006 to 2009 located at 1330 Linwood Blvd. K.C., Mo. 64109. You can call 816-561-2277 to make arrangements to lease this building for an event, such as a wedding, conference, concert or a tour of the building. The Scottish Rite Temple or THE TEMPLE, is how we are to refer to this investigation. It's an incredible facility and yes "haunted". We started investigating this building that is located in downtown Kansas City, Mo. back in Jan. of 2007 and several times since then. The building started construction on October of 1928 and was dedicated on December 2, 1930. When you walk in it's like walking back in time. You feel like you can hear and see the people conducting their business from way back when and it's all good, very good. The structure is 114,303 square feet with an auditorium that seats 1,500 people for an event. The building is five stories high with 32 columns, 10 on each side and two 4 foot sculptured Sphinxes at the front entrance. On January of 2007 I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend I had not seen in a while, so we were discussing things that we had been doing since we last met and I mentioned that I had since started up a paranormal group conducting investigations and he went on to tell me about the Temple and if we would be interested investigating it. That there were people in there that could tell us stories of encounters over the years in the facility. So what we thought was going to be a regular investigation has turned out to be one of the best research projects I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of. As provided in this report there are some great pictures and documented encounters that are hard to debunk or explain and the spirits - they are all good. The first investigation took place in Jan. of "07. Little Dave, Arnie, Elaine and myself met with Dennis and he gave us a 2 hour tour of this great facility. I should also mention that earlier that month I had met Big Dave who was working at this building with Dennis. Dave is now a member of the 10th Dimension as are some other Scottish Rite members. At the conclusion of that tour we sat and discussed some ghostly events that had been reported and Dennis interviewed each member of the group that evening. Satisfied with his interview of the 10th Dimension members we made arrangements to come in and set up some equipment and conduct investigations. The rest is history, we are still conducting research and try to do our part to help the building by conducting fund raisers and ghost tours. As you will see in this on-going report, there are 100's and 100's of pictures, incidents, encounters, personal experiences by people that have been reported and documented over the years. Because we have had so many individual reports of unexplained encounters over the years we may leave a lot out or pick reports that we think may be more suitable with our research for this report. After all it is still on going. Hopefully, someday in the future we can set up virtual cameras so we can get help conducting this research project. If you have any questions or suggestions , please feel free to contact us thru this site. We, like some other paranormal groups, do not claim to know how to do it all and if there is somebody that can recommend a different method or piece of equipment that can help with our investigation then we are all ears. In the meantime here are some pictures that we have taken during this research project, enjoy.
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Going up to the top floor we were greeted by this large orb. Taken in 2007.
This photo shows Pam walking towards the back of the new dining area. The doorway that is lit up with a shadow figure is supposed to look just like the other doors. Taken in Feb. 2008
These appear to be two very young kids loooking back at Hector as he takes a picture of the seats. Taken in 2008.
Main entrance to the Temple.
This appears to be someone in a brown robe in the middle of the ramp leading to the stage area. Taken in 2009
We think this is a young girl who goes by the name of Annie. Taken in 2007
YouTube video of EVPs captured at the Temple