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Missouri & Kansas Summary: 2019

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Again, 2019 was another year with some exciting cases. We did some radio and podcast shows as well as our annual conference, which is getting bigger and better every year. Last year we had the honor of having Chad Lindbergh from “The Fast and Furious” movie (and many other movies and shows) as one of our main guest speakers. The 2020 Kansas City Paracon Conference will be held at the Ararat Shrine Temple in Kansas City on July 31 and August 1, and one of our speakers is Grant Wilson from the TAPS/Ghost Hunters television series. My book “Horizontal Ledge, Vertical Edge:” I had the privilege to release my book titled “Horizontal Ledge, Vertical Edge” (available on Amazon and bookstores). It is about my life after death experience and how the paranormal has influenced the event. We did do a few cases that we cannot disclose upon the clients request and we honor those requests. Top Hat Winery: We started out the year in the Independence Square at a location called Top Hat. It had some interesting activity and we did get some good EVPs. We hope to return to that site in the near future. Here is an EVP from the Top Hat Winery where you can hear “nooo” being whispered: Toby Evans Sage Brush Exchange: We were also were honored to go to Toby Evens Sage Brush Exchange. This is an awesome location and is extremely active, especially with Native American Spirits. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend getting with them to go out there. It’s just on the outskirts of Buckner or Sibley, Missouri. Independence, Missouri house: The 10th Dimension Group investigated a house in Independence, Missouri. That was an interesting case as they were having strange things happening and sounds they could not explain. We returned two other times to this location. It turns out the young teenage daughter was very intuitive and the spirits knew this and were trying to communicate with her. She just didn’t understand what was going on and how to deal with it. That young girl basically went through a class with Diana and Pam on how to best communicate and try to work with her abilities. Blue Springs, Missouri house #1: We went several times to another house in Blue Springs. This was based on some pre-existing activity that appeared to be attached to the land. One of our members, Joe, did some research on the location and that information was given to the people who owned the house. We helped them do a cleansing and things seemed to have calmed down. Miller Mausoleum: We investigated the Miller Mausoleum in Holden, Missouri. Again, we captured some awesome activity on the second level with the flashlights. We assigned three different kid spirits a colored flashlight and they would respond with their personal flashlight when we asked that particular spirit a question. We have an awesome video of them communicating with our group and them wanting different kinds of toys. Below is a YouTube video of some of the evidence we have captured at the mausoleum: Lee’s Summit, Missouri house: At a house in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, there were claims of strange things happening on the second floor. They had seen shadows in the hallway going back and forth and it seemed to have an effect on their pets. They even had some chickens that were doing strange things. We did a cleansing and have not heard back from them on any more activity. Missouri Town: We did our annual investigation of Missouri Town with about 153 guests, and it was awesome! My station during the investigation was the old church and it was near the end of the tour. We had been having a lot of activity with the flashlights going on and off, K-2s going all the way to red and other different activity, but the most interesting incident happened to one young man. I would ask the spirit present which side of the room it wanted to speak with--the east side or the west--and it would light up the K-2 and the flashlight on which side it wanted. Once it picked a side, I asked it to turn on the flashlight on which row of people sitting in church pews and then I would go through each person asking the spirit if this was the person. On this particular session, the spirit picked a young 18 year old man sitting with a bunch of girls. We started asking questions of the spirit and the atmosphere changed right away. The girl on the left of the young man screamed that his arm just started bleeding. I checked on him and he did have a few drops of blood rolling down his arm, but he said he didn’t even feel it. I immediately turned to the equipment we had set up and asked the spirit if he did this. I told him if he did, he needed to turn the flashlight on and the tuner to two reds…it did just that. I remembered that this spirit had said way earlier that night that it had been killed in the mid 1800s by Indians because he was dating one of the tribe’s females and they didn’t approve. Well, guess what? Yep, this young man was Indian and had long hair. I had the spirit apologize to the young man by turning on the flashlight and the tuner to red twice, which he did. We explained to the spirit that he couldn’t be hurting living people and he agreed by turning on the flashlight again. Now there were about twenty people in this session that were eyewitnesses to this entire event. This was the last session of the night so nobody wanted to leave, and then the boy’s father entered the church and spoke with his son. He came over and we spoke and I explained how and why it happened and he being of native American blood understood and thanked me as they left and said they really enjoyed the event. Kansas City, Missouri Club: Our group went to a location in the Kansas City area, a large club, was this a large old place. Built in the late 1800s and remodeled, caught fire and remodeled again. They had a horse and buggy room where celebrities were dropped off for special events. What they were having as activity was a little girl that some staff members had seen on numerous occasions. Sometimes in the hallways, looking out windows and following them around. After we finished eating we broke off into groups and we started our search of where the activity could be most active for that night. As we were walking around, team members Joe and Whitney said that they heard a little girl laugh in the weight room or workout room. We went in there and set up some equipment. We started getting activity thru the flashlights, the K-2 and tuner. So I thought that I would try a small experiment and rolled a large green ball on the floor about ten feet and see if she would roll the ball back. Guess what? The ball rolled, stopped and rolled back to me. Everyone present saw this and they even made sure the floor was level. We tried doing this again numerous other times but each time the ball would just roll forward and stop and not come back. We did have a spirit make its presence known to another group that was down in the basement. They were having an EVP session and for some reason two of the male members that were with Kelly got a bit ill. They were not attacked per se, but they were made aware that they were not to be there doing whatever they were doing that caused the issue in the first place. I listened to the recording and there was nothing mean or bad said at any time, I just think that spirit had enough of them and wanted them to leave and it did just that. Blue Springs, Missouri house #2: We investigated another house in Blue Springs were the people were actually seeing a shadow a few times and they would hear voices, like someone was trying to talk to them but they couldn’t understand what it was saying. Finally, they heard a small child say “No more” from a hall closet. Since then they have heard the same voice say a few more things but nothing hateful, just making statements. At the time of this writing, we are in the process of going through a 7 day candle cleansing to see how that goes. We’ve already done a sage cleansing and tried some other things, but I’m a firm believer that child spirits are the hardest form of energy to move on. Those young spirits, like live 7 or 8 year olds, have their personal attention span and just keep repeating things like they were still alive. We’ll keep working on this case in 2020 if necessary.