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Missouri & Kansas Summary: 2016

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) 2016 was a different year for our group; we all decided to tone it down and did only about one quarter of the cases we have become used to. We also did a couple of fundraisers at the Old Hospital that sold out each time. We also held our annual conference, which went great this year, along with a summary of following one-time investigations (and other long term investigations listed on other pages; e.g. The Old Hospital). Connie’s House: This was an interesting case because this house was once part of a large park back in the early 1900s and had a history of the park law enforcement possibly living in the house while they were employed by the park. The owner claimed to have heard a little girl giggling and talking while playing up in the attic. There appeared to be just as much activity in the basement as in the attic, but we think there were two different entities. The one in the basement appeared to be an adult, a male, and acted like he was one of the policemen from the park. Mike’s House: This was a very interesting case. It’s out in North Kansas City with a creek running behind the house. It didn’t take long to pick up a young spirit that had died in the creek, but Mike didn’t know the history (if that had happened) and said he was going to check on that. Meanwhile, our group set up equipment in the house focusing on the kitchen and a bedroom where they had sensed some form of activity. The kitchen did activate the K-2s, and we were getting some responses from the questions we were asking and captured a couple of EVPs. However, the best activity took place in Mike’s daughters room. Diana, Hugh and Kelly had set up equipment when Mike, Arma and I joined them. The first few minutes it was slow, nothing. I was standing by the door when I heard a male voice say his name was “Ralph” and he showed a quick vision of him on the battle filed during WWII as an Italian solider. His uniform was all dirty and he was in extremely poor hygiene. I asked if there was a Ralph here and everything lit up at the same time, flashlights, K-2’s and other equipment we had laid out. The temp. reader Hugh had in his hand started going from 0.001 up to 7.00 and higher and when we asked it to raise or lower the numbers it did as requested. So, for at least the next twenty minutes or so we had an awesome conversation with Ralph that documented and will be attached to this report. Here’s what is really interesting. When I first asked if there was a Ralph present, Mike stopped and just looked at me and said how did you get that name? That Ralph is the name of the spirit at his father’s house in another city. That his father was Italian and that “yes” his father’s relative had died in WWII fighting for the Italian army. Mike then went on to explain things that had happened to him when he was younger and always thought that Ralph was there with him. Kansas Indian House: We were asked by some friends if we would come out to her house and see what we could find. That she had to dig up her back yard due to a water pipe bursting and needing repair. However, during the repairs they dug up some very strange rocks in a strange formation and they had no idea what it could be other than it appeared man made from years ago. She and about four other people at different times have seen a spirit that appeared to be Native American. She knew that her house sat on Indian land. She knew that some of the members in our group were Native Americans and have dealt with these things before. She even came out to the conference and brought some very interesting pictures to show us. We made it out there and found out she lives next to a highway which caused a lot of different sounds, so we informed her right of the top that we could not include EVP’s. We started off with an Indian ritual of feeding the spirits. We had set up a couple of pieces of equipment to try and communicate with whomever was present. After a few minutes the K-2’s and Tuner were responding as we all sat around the largest tree in the back yard. We were about 25 yards from the back of the house and we had already made our routine check of the perimeter to see if there was any type of contamination, which we found none. At one point, it got so intense that I asked Pam to take a picture of the fence line and I pointed towards the area. She took a picture and it appears like someone is peaking over the top of the fence trying to see what we were doing. All other pictures she took of this area are normal. We continued communicating for a couple of hours before we decided to call it night. Our plan I to return in the spring when the weather becomes warm again. Warrensburg Place: This was out in the middle of Missouri and a trailer in a trailer park. As mentioned in previous yearly reports, sometimes it’s not the location but the people. We spent a couple of hours out there and did not get any activity at all other than from the people that lived there and that happens. We did enjoy the night sky though, all kinds of stars that you can’t see in the city. Ft. Osage, Sibley, Mo.: This is another awesome location that we have been doing for a few years now. It’s the original location of where Lewis and Clark had the Fort built back in the early 1800’s. As you know from history Lewis and Clark were the first true pioneers to explore West of St. Louis with the new Louisiana Purchase back in 1803. The fort was built as a means of making friends with certain Native American tribes, such as the Osage Tribe. Of course, this arrangement pissed off some other tribes in the area, so they would be an occasional skirmish or two over the years. The Forts staff is so knowledgeable of the history that they actually will become re-enactors whenever they have a special event. We use them as part of a team when we do these events because it works so well together and it’s fun. Now the grounds of the fort are well over a hundred acres. The fort with its towers and quarters is very large well over 10 acres itself and that’s only a third of the actual size of the fort from its original site. Down in the sub-basement of the trading post is the actual stones used back when they built the fort. There is an old cemetery just to the south of the fort and there are still wagon routes from when they traveled to get on the Santé Fe trail. Also in this general area is where the Indians buried their people. The fort was always surrounded by thousands of Osage Indians that built their village around the fort down by the Missouri river. There were anywhere from 70 to 100 soldiers stationed at the fort at any given time. Just outside of the main entrance to the fort were houses for the soldier’s family or settlers that wanted the protection of the fort. As mentioned in the Old Hospital section, Ft. Osage will have its own page and numerous EVP’s, pictures and videos. Our plan is to have another fund-raiser for the fort on April 29, 2017 and tickets will be $20.00 each and all the ticket money goes back to them. We’ll keep you update on that event on our face book page and our 10th Dimension page. Tickets hopefully will go on sell soon and we’ll tell you how to purchase those. Buckner House: This was a very interesting case. It involved road rage killing some young people. This actual case has not gone to court yet, it’s coming up at the first part of 2017. The mother of her son, who was a victim of this incident, had some very interesting things happen since his death. There is a lamp in the living room that keeps flickering on and off and she has used this to communicate with what she believes to be her son. There are some interesting pictures, one of which we will post. The location is an apartment with three bedrooms. We set up our video equipment and Diana picked a room that she felt was more active than the others. After a while she started asking questions when the flashlights started coming on as well as the K-2’s and tuner, all at the same time. She had the family in that room and they focused on communicating with whoever was there. There were questions asked that only the family knew the answer too and of course some trick questions to make sure we had the right answers. While this was going on, I went into another bedroom and started my own session. After a few minutes, I went to get some more equipment and as I walked out I closed the door and thought the door latched but Gary and I watched on the monitor as the door opened and at the same time the K-2 meter was flashing to red. I went back into the room to debunk the incident but no matter how hard we all tried we could not get the door to open again. We’re still looking into it and viewing our video and other info on that room. We spoke with the family about the spirit continuing its journey. That at one time I asked if it was ready to move on and everything in that room activated at once. I even had Viv and Gary be present when I asked the same question a second time. So, I explained to that spirit that there is a church nearby, that the next time they hold a funeral go use the light that is there to cross over. That light is for all spirits that want to move on. This was explained to the family and as hard as it is to let someone go they needed to know that he needed to continue his own journey that they will have there’s when the time comes. We packed up and left hoping things work out for them. Special Events: As always, we do special events throughout the year. That includes Radio segments as well as T.V. segments. We helped Sugar Greek with getting re-enactors to help with the 100 year National Parks event they put on. We had one of our best Paranormal Conferences with large crowds. We started our own ITunes radio station set up by Hugh’s and he named it “Paranormal Corridor”.  We did some fund raisers, like the Old Hospital and are trying to get a big fund raiser for one of the radio stations in the K.C. area and that station is one of our sponsors. AND I have to mention what a great job Viv has done on putting this web site together on her own from scratch. We already have cases lined up for 2017, plus a few fundraisers, so we hope to see you at one of our events. If you have any questions you can contact us on Facebook or our 10th Dimension paranormal group web site (Contact Us tab).