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Old Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri: 2007-2016

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) 2007-2015: The Old Hospital - Background and Activity:  This has been another one of our favorite locations to investigate. This medical facility was closed down in 2006 and is in a suburb outside of Kansas City. We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to investigate this facility on numerous occasions with some very interesting results. Not too many groups get to investigate an old hospital, much less run tours for fundraisers at one. We were fortunate in this aspect and we are very appreciative. This was a pretty cool place to investigate. Even when it was open, there were obvious paranormal things happening and being reported to me by the staff (even doctors). Nobody was really scared as much as they were curious as to who or what was happening. None of it was mean--more playful than anything, but still very intriguing. One example happened when I was in the surgery area checking on some equipment. I heard a male voice, who I thought was a surgical male doctor telling his female nurse “Ok, I'm done here” and the nurse replied "Ok, I'll start cleaning up.” I was in the very next room about five feet away, and I thought "Oh man, I've walked into a surgery going on." So I started to leave when I noticed there were no lights on, it was late, about 10:30 p.m. I went to the room and yelled in, asking if anyone was in there. There was no reply, so I checked out the suite and there was nobody there. They couldn't have gotten by me because I entered the main entrance door, and it was also the only door out. Another time I got a call from a surgery doctor; somehow he had lost his keys to his locker and couldn't get to his clothes to change, and he had another surgery at another hospital. Now these lockers are like the ones you see at airports or bus stations, where you put in a quarter, put your items in, pull out the key and place in your pocket--except that doctors didn't have to pay. I went up with a spare key for locker #18 and unlocked it, and sitting right on top of his clothes was the key, which was pretty much impossible! He swore he locked the locker and placed the key in his scrub pants pocket, but there was the key. A nurse walked by and asked "Did our friendly ghost get you too doc?" I asked if this is not first time and she explained no, it happens so much that their director had a set of spare keys in his office. Guess what? A couple of weeks later, I got another call for the same thing: different doctor, different locker, same room. I've had staff members show me pictures they took with their cell phones of what they said was a ghost hiding behind a dumpster near the dock. They say he would show up at odd times and just watch people come and go. I had doctors tell me that strange things were happening in room #4 of the ER, and the copier would all of a sudden just start shooting blank papers with nobody near it. I had housekeepers tell me that in the long dark hallway going to the dock, they would hear banging on the walls and drawers being slammed. Also after a certain hour, they would not go to that area unless they were with another person. Just so you know--these are reports I received when the hospital was still open. After it had been closed for several years, we had a great time investigating the facility. It should also be noted that we do have eight members of the 10th Dimension Group that worked at that hospital and are still in the medical field. They have all been involved with investigations at the facility, when it was open and when it was  closed. We were given a couple of names of past employees who worked at the hospital before they passed on, and we had those names confirmed by some long term employees who remembered those people. So out of respect for these spirits, we will only use their first names. One of the names given was of a female nurse that went by Ruth. Ruth told Pam (one of our group sensitives) who she was and her name. We believe this spirit, Ruth, is the shadow person seen in some of the photos in the ICU area. When doing research we found out that there was a Ruth that worked up on the second floor of the hospital about a number of years ago who passed away from cancer in the old ICU in this very hospital. Another spirit we ran into was in the ER area. He was a very large male, about 6'3" and about 450 lbs. Another spirit by the name of Dale  enjoyed the company of people in the hospital and could have been the one everybody kept reporting on from the ER when it was open. We did some checking on Dale and it turns out his was a very sad story. He had worked in the hospital ER for a long time, about 15 years, when he got another job at a different hospital. Within three month of working at the new place, he was accused of something and committed suicide. Another ghost we located was up in the second floor family room. He was a male ghost and had fallen off a roof on his job and died at the hospital. He was 47 years old at his death, and we couldn’t figure out if his name was Ron or Roy, as he answered to both (I’ll call him Ron). W believe Ron also had a pet dog with him and liked his women, even in the spirit world. There were other encounters with other ghost/spirits in this hospital as well. We had some awesome experiences inside this facility, not only by our group, but by guests also. Some of the other things that have  happened over the years that have been interesting are: a Bible found in a drawer in ICU on the lower level appeared in the middle of the third floor when we hadn’t been up there yet that night, along with strange voices and music. Another example was when approximately twenty people were inside a surgery room. They asked to please show them if there was anyone there, and a sealed bag with an oxygen mask moved from the X-ray machine until it hit the floor. Flashlights and K-2 meters, along with other handheld equipment, all went off at the same time. We set up a couple of balls in the room next to the morgue, and the ball moved with all three K-2s going off at the same time, all the way to red and stayed that way for a couple of minutes. Just so you know, there was no power or electricity anywhere near that area. The only power we had was in the boiler room at the other end of the hospital. Ghosts, Spirits and Orbs: I'd like to change the subject for just one minute and explain something. I tend to say "ghost” or spirit" a lot throughout these reports. Here is what I mean by ghost or spirits, and this is only my opinion: a ghost is an earthbound energy that has not moved on or crossed over. It can drain or use energy from you, the living person. One of our sensitives defines a ghost as “an entity waiting for further guidance or instructions on what is going to happen to it next.” A spirit has already crossed over and has returned to help and can draw energy from numerous things, such as batteries, electrical tools, lighting, and yes--you. Both can draw energy from the moon or stars. A good comparison for a spirit is in the Jimmy Stewart movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”: “every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.” These spirits are well known; we refer to them as Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. They are very close to moving on to the next dimension but need to accomplish just a little more to succeed, so they return to help and satisfy their criteria to move on. Now, an orb is very interesting. I've been doing research on orbs for several years and still have a long ways to go, but I think this  description is as good as any out there: an orb is a means of transportation or an easy, effective way for spirits to get around and transport other ghost from place to place, just like the witches in the movie “The Wizard Of Oz.” Remember every time a witch would show up, it would travel in a large orb and then all of a sudden, just appear. That is a good example of an orb. Some orbs come in different colors or sizes, and that may be due to its needs or the task at hand. My understanding is that the darker the orb the more energy it has and can accomplish bigger tasks. Some of you that are on the fence about orbs or believe in them, and may have seen pictures of small ones and large ones. I think the smaller ones are carrying a light load, like a ghost or two, like a bike with someone on the handlebars. The larger ones are like a car and can carry more then a couple of ghosts on its way to perform its next task. Again, this is my opinion and I may be way off base, but for right now I haven't heard or seen a better explanation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...for now. Now let's get back to the hospital report. First Investigation in 2007: For our first investigation, we started back in April of 2007. We arrived at a little before six p.m. and did our thing, greeting the entities, having a quick meeting on how and where we would set up. We were ready to start at about 7:30 p.m. The sensitives wanted to start on the first floor in surgery and the surrounding areas. One group went to surgery, another to the nurses’ station floor and we went into recovery. Our plan was to investigate these areas for about an hour or so and then move on to another floor - that never happened. The activity was so intense that we just stayed on this floor for that entire investigation. My small group was in the recovery area, an area patients were taken to right after surgery to recover before being moved to another location (and some didn't make out of this area). Right away we started getting some unexplainable activity. There were nurse call lights all over the place, and they had been turned off but they were still coming on for us--not just one but  three or four at once. We would turn them off and a few minutes later another different group of call lights would come on. This activity went on throughout the night. We even got to the point that the lights would come on at our request. We also had our handheld equipment, such as K-2 meters, light up: red lights for yes and green lights for no, or one knock for yes or two knocks for no. This seem to be an excellent way of communicating with whoever was there, but we soon figured out that we had more then one entity answering our questions. We were getting lights and knocks from different areas or entities at the same time; we were getting knocks without asking questions and you could feel it right next to you. There was no denying that it was in the walls. We checked outside of the room to make sure it wasn't another group member, but they were all somewhere else, so we couldn't explain it or debunk it. We had one of the hospital maintenance men with us, and he was very impressed because as much as he tried, he could not explain it. He was turning off call lights with the rest of us. There is a picture on this page, it is a very special one, the one of a dark shadow figure standing in a locked office looking out at us. We think this is the doctor that drew us all into the surgery area, room three. Let's continue with this investigation. For about an hour and a half we were having success communicating with whoever was there, then all of a sudden a couple of group members from the surgery team came in and said they needed me right away in surgery suite #3. They said the activity was incredible and wanted us to see what was going on. I grabbed my camcorder and our team followed them. We knew right away that what we were about to encounter was special, because as I passed a door it would slam on its own. This continued for about 6-8 doors, then I heard the group yelling for me to hurry up. I had the camcorder running and that's how we got the picture of the doctor in the locked office. When we arrived to suite #3 you could sense something was up. You could actually see orbs darting about with your own eyes (and caught on video). I placed my camcorder on a tripod and started to watch with the others while the group in this area did their investiation, when all of a sudden I noticed my camcorder start to move. I was just a foot or two away, and I see it start to bend to the right. I reached over and caught it just as it came completely loose and started to fall. Now, those of you that investigate know that when the camcorder is attached to the tripod, it is pretty secure. You have to manually lock it in place and unlock or unscrew it to remove it. I didn't do either, but I watched in amazement as it started to move. 2016--The End: The old hospital was on its last leg and was in the process of getting ready to be torn down. So a decision was made to have some last events before it was too late (actually we had to cancel our last event because the structure was found not to be safe enough to hold the number of people required for our events). We had a couple of public investigations with the blessing of the main hospital, and the money raised went towards the hospital’s Hope Fund to help people in need. We sold out each event and some people captured some very interesting things on cameras, not to mention the personal experiences they had. However, our group would go in on Friday nights to set up, and we would also investigate to try and find the hot spots for the Saturday events. As it turns out we had some awesome encounters with some spirits. Oh, in case you’re wondering how I know so much about this hospital, it’s because I worked security at this location over ten years before we were moved to a new location. It’s sad to report that, after ten years and all the investigations and fundraisers we held there, the hospital was torn down in 2016. We have now closed this case, and we are going to miss it!
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This is a picture of a dark shadow figure in a locked office on the surgery unit. We believe that he was a doctor that worked here and also caused the doors to slam as we ran from recovery to surgery to see what was happening. One incredible evening and investigation.
Here is another picture of the doctor in the locked office. I don't know if a lot of you have seen a doctor during surgery but they wear a hat that is tied on and square at the top so they can put on a light or whatever other tool they needed to perform the sugery. This looks like one of those hats. What do you think?
LeAnna in the old hospital, second floor.
This sequence of four pictures were taken inside of the I.C.U. area in Room # 5. This is not one of our group members in the room, it is a shadow person and we captured this figure on more then one occasion. As you may be able to make out in the sequence, Pam walked up to the figure and asked if there was someone in the room, then walked away while the figure just watched her.
EVP captured at old hospital “he touched me”