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Linda’s House, Boonville, Missouri: 2010 - Ongoing

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) 2012: We have been investigating Linda’s Claas’ house for a number of years now. It’s a restored mansion that was first built in the mid 1800s, was used during the Civil War, and then was restored after it had caught fire in the early 1900s. It’s a three story house with a basement and a detached  garage that was added in the mid 1900s. Linda, the owner, has had numerous strange things happen over the years, some of which we  have documented. We investigated this site a couple of times before the owner asked to join our group, so we decided to make them our Boonville branch, and Linda is the lead investigator. This location is now a bed and breakfast “A Touch of Claas.” Here are just a few things that have happened: a large, heavy crystal rock that Linda keeps by her front entrance was found inside a  cabinet on the middle of the first floor; her vacuum cleaner has turned on by itself and items are moved. One day while she was cutting a client’s hair, the hair brush moved (not once, but a couple of times). There is a back set of stairs that was added on in later years; when you enter the house at that location, you can smell something burning. We haven’t figured out what it is yet, but we’re assuming it has to do with the fire it had at the turn of the century. We have captured some really good EVPs and a video of what appears to be a head floating down from the ceiling in Linda’s master bedroom. In the video, when the head floats just above the bed and then exits the door, you can hear a voice say “hello.”  We have done numerous cleansings in this house; one in particular that involved Diana, one of our members, with a male spirit that was mean and very foul. Based on his actions, we decided to do a cleansing and tried to remove some of the entities that were present. We  are pretty sure we have succeeded, since things have quieted down a lot. The one male spirit that was giving Diana a hard time also quieted down. We believe there are still at least four spirits in the house, maybe more. Some may come and go, and they seem to have  their own little area they prefer in the house. They still move things and at times you can smell different aromas in the house. 2013:  FOX TV 4 from Kansas City, Mo. did a Halloween special segment on Linda’s house (click here for story) and pictures below. There used to be a portal down in the basement in the last room on the northwest corner before we finally closed it so others would stop coming in and out. Linda’s had mirrors lifted off the wall and thrown on the floor, breaking into hundreds of pieces, but not spilling out onto the floor. We’ve heard voices, footsteps and smelled flowery scents. A lady with dark hair looking has been seen in several rooms. This case keeps getting more interesting as the spirits of the house get to know us better (and we, likewise, get to know them). We will continue to return to this location at least twice a year until we can figure out who  these people were and what they want. 2014,  2015 and 2016: We continue to investigate Linda’s home several times a year, looking for new evidence and consider it an ongoing case. .
Photos from Kansas City’s Fox 4’s Halloween television special in 2013:  Boonville salon plays host to ghosts and other paranormal activity