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(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Over the years the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group has conducted numerous very interesting investigations. It would be very hard to place all of the investigations on this web site so I have condensed some of the investigations down to a short summary of that event, not to say it was any less of an investigation than the others, it's just a matter of choice on which ones we did a longer story on. As you can see we have been to numerous locations throughout the world, especially the Florida branch and some incredible  things have been captured on video and audio recordings as well as pictures and personal sensations. I wish there was a way to better explain or show on a report some of the personal encounters by our member's. To have someone whisper your name so that it can be heard without the aid of equipment or to walk into a large room and suddenly feel like you walked into a giant spiderweb but there is no web there and if it was it would have been of incredible size. To feel cold or hot spots and track it with your hands and equipment while obtaining incredible discrepancies in temperature readings. To be touched and there is nobody near you. To smell something and track or follow the smell until it is gone and for the life of you it can not be explained. The smell of smoke but there is no fire or anyone smoking. To see objects move or doors close but there is nobody in that area. To place an object down so you know where it is at and you turn around and it is gone and you find it later in another location somewhere where none of the group members have been to yet. And of course, there is the communicating with entities that is the ultimate accomplishment. It doesn't matter who you are or how many times it happens, to ask questions of a spirit and it replies as you record it and document it is just incredible. To carry on a conversation with someone that you can not see but all your equipment is confirming that someone or something is answering your questions is what I think every investigators dream of. Not only that but to conduct research on what information you obtained and to have that information comfirmed is what it is all about. Over the years the 10th Dimension Group has been very fortunate to obtain numerous encounters with entities from all over  the world and to have these encounters documented is even better. We are going to try sometime in the future to set up a site with just our E.V.P.'S from past investigations. We have thousands of hours of recordings to review and pick the best to let everyone hear and decide for themselves what they think they hear. Meanwhile, below are some of our past investigations with a short summary, just to let you know where we have been. If you have any questions, just shoot me an e-mail. I'll be glad to try and answer as best as I can. HOUSES Lexington House in Independence, Missouri with C.C.P.R.S. group. Very interesting, good videos of strange round things  approaching target objects then taking off. Good EVPS. Two entities, one was a small 4 year old girl that is buried in the  cemetery 1/4 mile away. Died of illness, Named Amy, hair in a pony tail. The other was a male that served in an old war,  maybe 1812. Very distant relative of the family living there. Dr. Porter's House in Key West, Florida. This was one of the doctors office that Dr. Mudd used when he was in practice  before President Lincoln was shot. Got some interesting pictures and EVPS. Keytesville House in Missouri, again with the C.C.P.R.S. Group. A house built in 1831 and used as a civil war hospital and  used by Confederate General Price. We had some very interesting activity during the night. Some pretty good videos and  pictures. There were numerous entities in this house and all very active. The owner called a few days after we left to inform us that the roof started leaking so he put some buckets on the floor to catch the water. When he went to check on them the next day the buckets were all turned upside down and tied together. Kansas House, Kansas City., Kansas. This was another very active house. We captured some great pictures and found out that there was not only the deceased husband there but a couple of nuns and some Indians. This use to be all Indian land back in the 1800's until they were moved as part of the Trail of Tears episode. As a matter of fact this area was so active that three other house on this street were torn down because of the ghostly activity. Grandview House, Missouri. This house or apt. was claimed to be very active by the renters. Their four year old daughter was  seeing an elderly lady come to visit her thru a light in the corner of her bedroom. Their daughter also claimed to play with another little boy but he was getting mean and she was scared. We conducted a standard sweep of the location and found our EMF, K-2 and Gauss meters going off the chart, come to find out there were very large electrical power boxes just outside of the little girls bedroom window. It was so strong that it was giving some of the team members a headache. We informed them to either have the landlord fix the problem or move. Whether it was paranormal activity or not it was just way to much for anyone. They moved the next month to another apt. complex owned by the same owners. Everything has been great since they moved. Heritage House, Key West, Florida. This was an interesting investigation. This house was built way back during the pirate days and owned by a slave owner. It has about 10 large rooms converted to apts. for rent. While there we got some good EVPS, some great communication from a slave that went by the name of Dave. We also had our K-2 meter activated on numerous  occasions while up in a special hidden room. Raytown House, Missouri. This home owner and his wife claimed to hear entire conversations of people talking but when he  approaches the area from where the voices are coming from - they stop. They have seen a white mist in the kitchen, seen and heard dishes and cups being moved in the kitchen and one time while down in the basement getting the laundry he watched a coat hanger sitting on a rope start swinging until it flew off onto the floor. We did get good EVPS, some activity on the K-2 and a door slammed. They also had seen a full-blown ghost of a man sitting on their sofa by their son who was 18 years old at the time, his girlfriend spotted the man and told him so he saw the man and approached him to ask him what he was doing when the figure just slowly disappeared in front of both of them. Al's House, Homestead, Florida. They claim that they have seen shadows, heard voices and their dog will go crazy and bark and  act like he is going to attack for no reason and there is nobody there that they could see. Some incredible pictures taken here, the K-2 went off on a chair that the wife's mother had passed on to them when she passed away. We made contact with two entities that claimed to be relatives of the wife and just wanted for them to know that everything was fine. These are just some of the houses we have investigated over the years and there are numerous others that did not want the  publicity and based on our agreement and respect for their wishes those investigation accounts will not be disclosed on this site. There are some other locations that we have investigated and gotten some pretty good evidence and they are as follows: Jessie James farm in Kearney, Missouri Richmond, Missouri Fort Zack Taylor in Key West, Florida St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida. Our group has been there numerous times. The U.S. S. North Carolina Battleship in North Carolina- GREAT Pictures (see Kyky’s House investigation) Old Summit Hospital in Missouri, Great EVPS and Pictures. We have given tours here and investigated it about 20 times. It  just recently caught fire and sustained damage, so that is out for a while till they repair it. North Kansas City, Missouri - got some neat pictures. CEMETERIES Blue Springs Cemetery in Missouri from 1832 Key West Cemetery from the late 1700's but actually has bodies from the pirate days. Richmond Cemetery, Missouri Lone Jack, Missouri Civil War Cemetery Gettysburg Cemetery and civil war site OTHER LOCATIONS Myrtle Plantation in Lousiana Plantation House in South Carolina Fayettville Civil War Armory, North Carolina and Edgar Allen Poe’s house West Virginia Mental Asylum about five times Machu Picchu ruins in Peru Coliseum in Rome Fort Morreo in Puerto Rico Dachau in Germany and some castles Wicklow, Ireland gaol cell   Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia As mentioned, these are most of the investigations we have done over the years and there are numerous ones we have not disclosed due to special reasons or just plain confidentiality agreements.  
YouTube video of EVPs captured at Heritage House
YouTube video of K2 meter action captured at Wicklow, Ireland
YouTube video of various ghostly photos captured by our group over the years
YouTube videos of EVPs and a video of a spirit moving a ball--captured at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Orb over tractor
Orbs over tractor at house
Pic of Richmond house with unusual figure on door
This video was taken at St. Augustine Lighthouse. Notice the ball of light/orb that appears and then moves in the window next to the door (no audio)