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Missouri & Kansas Summary: 2014

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) The 10th Dimension Paranormal Group was extremely busy during 2014. We did 34 Investigations, three radio interviews, two T.V.  Interviews, four fundraisers and two meetings to interview new members, not to mention a couple of other events. Like the other years, a short report will be added to this web site page, some being larger than others. There will also be some reports that we will just touch on based on the agreement signed during the first Interview of that case. Some of these cases took numerous visits due to the type of activity encountered and the cleansing process. We always try to contact the people involved after a cleansing to make sure things are going well. Naming our cases is always interesting because we don’t want to expose the people but we do want to know and remember what happened at that location.  So, some of these titles may sound crazy but they have a reason for that title. Dianne’s house, Kansas City, Mo: This house had some activity that was just enough to have them contact us. We responded and everything was pretty quiet while there. We did a sage cleansing and left. We contacted her a few months later and she said things were real quiet. House in Blackwater, Mo. This investigation was located at a home in a neat old town from the 1830’s. The house was original and built by the state’s first Governor, and the land was donated by the Osage Indians. The house had two barns, horse stalls, work shed and a wine cellar attached to the side of the main house. During this case we captured some good EVP’S and interesting photos. Kristina’s house, Lee’s Summit, Mo. This house had some good activity. The flashlight was turned on. We were upstairs in the main bedroom and you could actually hear someone run into the room, trip and fall. We also have some pretty good video of some form flying up the main stairs. We did a cleansing and six months ago things were still quiet. We did another house in Lee’s Summit but they didn’t want anything mentioned on it and we will respect that request. Whites House, Ks. This house had some activity in the basement and on the stairs and landing upstairs. The landing upstairs had rails attached to the floor and every once in a while the rods would start spinning on their own and the owner claimed that he had seen a little boy doing it. We captured some really interesting pictures at this location and a couple of good evps. Kansas City, Mo. Market Place. This was interesting; the location is one of K.C. oldest locations or structures. It was a business from the early 1800’s until it was converted into apartments a few years ago. It has the original limestone walls and stairs leading to the sub- basement. We captured some very interesting photos and got to communicate with three spirits that were there who requested help. So we sent them into the light except one. He was an old country farmer that had a food stand when the original city market opened in the early 1800’s. He liked the girl that had moved in because she was from the country and needed him to help her. Last time we spoke with the girl living there she said that she makes sure everything is turned off before she goes to work but when she returns the lights will be on in her unit. Houses in Boonville and Franklin, Mo. We investigated two houses in Boonville and Franklin that were very Interesting. The first one was built in the mid 1840’s and was an Underground Railroad house. The slave quarters where right by the back door of the main house, and when we started unloading our equipment, there was the worst smell--like rotting flesh or a dead animal. We unloaded some bags and when we returned to the car to get some more supplies the smell was gone, couldn’t explain it. We set up some video equipment and captured an awesome video of what we at first thought was just an orb but when we slowed it down it was the head and shoulders of a young male who looked at Gary, our person at the monitor and shot off. The second house was about 20 miles out in a small town named Franklin. The house was originally owned by the railroad and was used for the railroad workers to live in.  They kept seeing a man in blue railroad overalls and he would hang upstairs scaring the two young girls who were 2 and 4 years old.  As a matter of fact the two year old hadn’t slept in her bed for over a year, she had to sleep with her sister in her bed. We next picked up on an elderly man in the room next to the stairs. He said his name was Pop-Pop and he was German. The mother right away confirmed that their grandfather, who had passed away, was called Pop-Pop and he was German.  So I sat in the room with the two girls and their mother for a minute and the two year old climbed onto her bed and started talking with me. After a couple of minutes I went into the other room and tried to communicate with Pop-Pop and find out why he was there? I had been trying to communicate for about five minutes when they came and got me and said the two year old was fast asleep in her own bed. We posted protection around the bed and the house and left. House in Independence, Mo. This house had a lot of negative energy that the entity was feeding off of. I explained to the people living there that until they start being positive that this entity will continue to feed off them. They need to find a solution to their issues before we can even attempt to do a cleansing. House in North Kansas City by Worlds of Fun Park. This house had some minor activity compared to what we are use to but it was enough to disturb the people and they had a twelve year old son that couldn’t speak, he just made sounds. We have to remember to try and not be complacent when we do some of these cases; just because it is not what we are use too doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat it as a major case because they all are. A Ghost is a Ghost no matter where it’s at and who it’s contacting. This is something we as a group have discussed on several occasions and once we remind ourselves that this is the peoples first encounter we should help them as much as anyone else and we do. In this case Pam spent about thirty minutes speaking to the young boy that couldn’t speak as we went investigating. Guess what? That boy was talking to Pam and the mother was beyond herself, he would say an occasional word like truck or yes but he was talking with Pam and that made the entire case one of our favorites. We did a sage cleansing and left. House in Lee’s Summit, Mo. This house was very active. The lady said that she was washing her dishes and picked up a knife to put in the dish washer when she heard a male voice to cut her throat, not once but twice. They have sounds they can’t explain and one of her sons was struck in the stomach so hard that he had to leave the room; he was nineteen at the time. In this house we captured some descent EVPs and an awesome picture of a head coming out of the wall in the upstairs bedroom where most of the activity was taking place. The house was pretty knew, so figured it had to have come either from the grounds or she brought it home with her from her other house which was extremely active, we think she brought it over because the figure in the picture was also described at the other house just a couple of miles away. This time we did a larger or more intense cleansing. It’s been well over a year now and she said they’ve had no more activity since the cleansing. House in Independence, Mo. We investigated a small house in Independence again and captured a couple of EVPS and some pictures of orbs. The people of the house knew who was there and wanted him to stay. House in Lenexa, Ks. This was a very interesting case. Our client had called us, as did her parents, so we fit her into the schedule even though it was during the holidays, but she needed help right away so we made a trip there. We did an intro investigation and listened to what they were encountering and they were encountering a lot of strange activity and there were five people there tell us what activity they had encountered. Here are a few, scratching sounds inside of the walls, loud bangs, toys coming on and moving and these toys had no batteries inside. The dresser drawers next to the bed would open and close over and over again. Being pinned down onto the bed, bed sheets being pulled off, faces appearing by their pillows and much more. The first time there it was just Viv and I because we were headed to another case a few miles up the road so we wanted to get a feel of the place and the people. Viv was going around with a K-2 and kept getting hits in two bedrooms and she narrowed it down to some Lego toys in a cigar box. After about an hr. we all sat in the living room as I tried to explain the process and what we could do to move forward. The mother and her son, with his girlfriend were sitting on the coach by the wall and Viv was at the dining room table by herself and I sat across from the coach and the TV was to my left about ten feet away. As I was talking to them I watched a dark figure walk up out of nowhere and stand behind Viv. He stood there for about twenty seconds when he noticed I could see him and he just disappeared. I described that I just saw a male with short hair and stocky built about 5’9” tall. They just sat there and looked at each other and didn’t say a word. So we told them that we would be getting back with them to set up an investigation. A couple of weeks later we returned with the whole group and the mother was there this time; they had called in advance and asked if they could be there since they had questions also.  It didn’t take long before Diana picked up on a male spirit in the back spare room. Now before Diana arrived I had let the people know that there was something going on in the same room. So we had two hits on the same room so we decided to set up our main focus in that room. Didn’t take long before we started getting knocks and the flash light was going on and off randomly as was some of our other equipment. We were sitting there asking questions when the Grandmother spoke up and said that her grandson said that dad was reading him a story from a book and had scratched him trying to pick him up. Of course that’s pretty natural and I really didn’t think much of it until she said it was around three in the morning and the child just started screaming wanting to leave the room and sleep with them. My question was why was dad reading a story to a child at 3 a.m.? She said you don’t know? I’m like know what? She said that Gabe, the Dads name, died this past June in a violent car accident running from the police. That he stole a car and slammed into another car causing him to fly out the window and his head striking the pavement killing him. I just sat there for a couple of seconds and asked how come they didn’t mention this during the interview process? That this new info changes the whole approach and what we need to do from this point forward. So we set up a crossing over ceremony and completed the event.  It’s been four months now and we haven’t heard a word back. The next case we did was a house in Overland Park, Ks. These people kept hearing a little boy giggling in the kitchen area and they had no kids. We set up some equipment and proceeded to try and communicate with this kid. We captured some interesting photos but one EVP pretty much said it all. Pam asked if there was a message that someone needed to pass on and to speak into the little red light on the digital recorder and we would make sure to try and pass it on. We played it back and you hear a young voice say “Sorry” as clear as day.  Home in Oak Grove, Mo. These people contacted us with all kinds of activity and sent us some strange pictures. Large chairs stacked on top of each other with a vacuum cleaner on top of that, which I found interesting cause this was a balancing act that was almost impossible to repeat without just the chairs falling over. They had a large section of their couch that was downstairs found half way up the basement stairs and there was nobody home when they returned and found this. They would have the card from inside the camera removed and could not find it. They found one of their cameras inside the toilet and she was taking a bath another time when they set up another camera and it ended up in the tub with her. They had on numerous occasions writing on the mirrors and hand and foot prints coming down from the ceiling on the mirrors. Objects would fly across the room and hit them, such as a toilet brush and other objects. They would find tacks in their shoes and hear strange sounds. They had a kitten that wasn’t even two months old get thrown from the top of the stairs onto the floor below and we’re talking at least 12 stairs if not more. The kitten was injured and was hissing at something at the top of the stairs. The cat did recover with no major injuries. The father would get home and place his keys and wallet on the fire place mantle and go do something and come back and his keys would be gone and they would find them somewhere else. His credit card was removed from inside his wallet and once it was found inside a large picture hanging on the wall. Another time they found his credit card inside of the toaster in the bottom.  The couple had six children living in very cramped quarters. There was a 16 year old girl sharing a room with her two younger sisters and three boys sharing a room (14, 10 and 6 years of age). As you can imagine, there were numerous problems within the family. Two of the girls were getting some counseling help as was one of the boys. The 16 year old girl was being home schooled and she refused to meet with us. The 16 year old girl had been sexually assaulted a few weeks prior to us being called and she had some social issues as well. The ex-husband was also causing problems to the point where there was a major confrontation between the two dads and ended in a blow-out fist fight. So with all this negative energy we did do an investigation before we all agreed on what could be happening. We all agreed there was an excellent chance that we were dealing with Poltergeist activity from the 16 year old female. They mentioned that most of the activity happened when she was there. They sent her of for treatment and was gone for a few weeks and things would quite down. She would return and things would get worst and most of it was focused on her stepdad. She went to visit a friend for two weeks and again things calmed down and when she returned all hell broke loose. That’s when the fathers got into the fight. We did capture some great EVPS during the investigation and we also had some of our equipment activated but our main focus was on how we were going to approach the family with what we thought was going on. So we called for a special meeting with them on a Saturday and wanted to interview each and every member separate so we could try and figure out and confirm what we already knew. We arrived and of course the father got called into work and the 16 year refused to speak with us and left with a friend, so we sat down and spoke with the mother downstairs while the other kids were upstairs. We explained that we all thought that what they had was poltergeist activity and explained that we are pretty sure it’s from the 16 year old daughter. That the activity will probably quit as fast as it started once they changed their focus and changed the energy of the environment of the house and it’s family. There was just way to much negative energy and the surrounding atmosphere was not helping, especially the 16 year old. She really needs a room of her own and probably a change to help her. We went on to explain that we can investigate this place a hundred times and not resolve the problems until they resolved their issues first. The entities here were feeding off of them and would continue to do so until there is a major change and that should start with the parents. We let them know that we are willing to help but they must help themselves first, and when things change the activity will probably change and stop with it. This was December of 2014, I received an email from them in February of 2015 advising us that they had followed our advice and made major changes, and that all the activity had stopped. They thanked us for our assistance with their case.