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Missouri and Oklahoma: 2011

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) 2011 was a very interesting year for the 10th Dimension group, it also was one of our busiest years. Just so you know our year starts the first weekend after labor day and goes until about April 30th of the following year. We try to take some family time off during the summer months and recharge ourselves. Doing two to three cases a week can put a lot of strain on the group members, so we kind of look forward to the summer break. The year started out with some pretty good personal homes in the greater Kansas City area. About four houses in the Lee's Summit area, some in the North land, a couple of houses in Independence, one in Sugar Creek, one in Greenwood, and one to finish the year in Kingsville, which will be one of the main cases. We also did the Jackson County Jail, a Business in Lone Jack and some other interesting locations that we can not disclose any information on. We also did a TV interview with Channel 4 in Kansas City and two radio interviews, one with 104 and one with a British station in the U.K., which was interesting. We also did a conference in Kansas put on by one of the groups from there. We traveled down to Oklahoma a couple of times to investigate in a couple of locations there which were really neat; Holly City, Geronimo's cemetery at Fort Sill, and the jail he was kept in and the Parallel Forrest, which is located on Comanche territory. Our Florida branch also went to a few places and they will get caught up when they get the chance. A couple of the places they went were to Portugal and Louisiana. In Louisiana they checked out some old neat plantation spreads. THE GREENWOOD CASE Here in the Midwest we kept ourselves pretty busy. One of the cases in Greenwood had an entity that would flush a toilet. “What?” you say..well it wasn't just any toilet, it was a kid’s toilet that had to be manually used and would make noise. This happened at no particular time and there would be no one even on that second floor. We also captured a picture of a dark figure with a dog standing in the door frame of the house up on the second floor across from that same bathroom with the toilet chair for kids. Our K-2 meters and other instruments would go off in the kids room but nowhere else on that floor, and it was by the door handle to the room. No matter how you opened the door the meters would be activated, and there was no source of energy near the door that would activate the equipment.  We also got some pretty good EVPS from that location. One was from a little girl that when we were discussing where to start our EVP session’ you can hear her say "start here on the stairs.” LEE'S SUMMIT HOUSE #1 There are three houses in Lee's Summit that are well worth mentioning in this year’s section. We'll try to stay to the most active in more interesting locations that we can address or discuss on this site; you have to remember, a lot of people did not want anything said about their location and we respect and honor their request. So we'll mention the ones that have given us permission to discuss their cases. The first house is located in the southern part of Lee's Summit and this was a return trip. We knew there was activity in this house based on the evidence we obtained in the previous visit. The difference being is that this time the owner of the house was married now with two little kids. They were still getting shadow figures in the kitchen and living room areas. The kids had seen a small figure peek around the kitchen corner and look at them and the wife had seen and heard some strange things. The first time we did a sage cleansing and that seemed to work for about a year before they called us back. They were seeing some strange figures and the young kid who was about ten kept talking about suicide and talking strange. The father, who worked at a local hospital thought he had brought something home with him from the hospital. We conducted another investigation and did another cleansing, which seemed to work. About two month later the man of the house contacted one of our investigators and told him that he had sold his dining room table to a couple, after about two weeks the couple called him back and told him to come and get his table back that it was haunted, that ever since they placed the table in their house they have seen and heard strange sounds. He didn't take it back and that from the day he sold it all activity in his house had stopped. He didn't know what the people did with the table but he wasn't taking it back. That was in September of 2011. LEE'S SUMMIT HOUSE #2 The second house in Lee's Summit was very interesting. The owners had two small kids, one and a three year old that stayed in the same bedroom. The parents would check on the kids whenever they would hear strange sounds on the baby monitors. When they would go check at about three in the morning they didn't see or hear anyone else in the kids room but they would smell alcohol and smoke in the room and the one year old would be wide awake like she was seeing someone in the room. We started our case by doing our normal walk through of the entire house and kept getting activity in two locations in the house, one in the living room on a rocking chair, which belonged to her father that had passed away a couple of years before and down stairs in the garage where they had stacked all kinds of boxes, they were getting ready to move and sell their house. While we were down there you could just sense and feel a presence that was just hanging around in that area. We did our standard checks with the equipment and were taking pictures when I said " Okay, we're getting ready to go upstairs and call it a day, if you want your picture taken you better go up now." The picture at the top of the page is the picture I captured, a complete head zooming right by me as I took the picture, it couldn't have been timed better. The people of the house moved shortly after that and we have not heard from them since. LEE'S SUMMIT HOUSE #3 This house was by far the most active house in Lee's Summit during 2011. When they say things go bump in the dark they were referring to this house. The owner of the house was fixing it up to rent but before he did he and his sister wanted us to check out the house because of the stories they had heard about the place. So we arrived with our equipment and set up trigger objects to see if we could get a response from the spirits in the house. This was an older home with two bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. Had a basement that you see in haunted movies and the old wooden stairs. The owners told us that there son had seen an elder man standing in the basement and had also seen a small girl. They went on to say that other renters had mentioned to him that they thought the house was haunted. So we set up some toy trigger objects upstairs in the bedroom with a camera and recorder and left to set up other equipment. The owner was a real skeptic but his sister not so much, they walked around the house with us and gave us a tour of where some of the activity suppose to have taken place, so we set up infrared cameras in these locations. One spot we knew was real active was a room out of the way all by itself just left of the stairs in the basement, it was dark and clammy. In this room we set up two cameras just in case, good thing we did. After we set up our equipment we were making a final check in the basement , the owner and his sister and two teenage kids had set up chairs in the control room and were watching the monitors when the lights in the living room next to them all turned off at once, all four lights. Here's the catch, all the lights in this area are on pull strings that you have to grab and yank down with some type of force and when you do you hear a click each time, they heard nothing and all four lights went out at once. We tried to get it to do it again but no luck. We went back downstairs to finish the final set-up when you heard them yelling that we needed to get up there right away, so Diana and I went to see what was going on. They explained that they were just sitting there when the camera on the box in the corner just moved straight up into the air and there were two large bangs that moved the box the camera was sitting on. The box was a plastic box about two feet wide and four feet long loaded with equipment inside. As Diana and I were rewinding the camera on top of the box our K-2 meters started going off and everyone near the meters started getting goosebumps, you could feel the static sensation in the air and then we heard something but we couldn't make it out. We rewound the digital recorder and you hear a male voice say " TOYS". We had told them that we would set up some toys and they wanted them now. We reviewed the camera that moved and yes, it was just as they said. The camera moved twice, each time the box was struck and you can see the reaction of the owner and everyone else when this happened. He was now a believer! We continued with our investigation for a few more hours. We got some good pictures and some pretty good EVPS as well as some great videos from the first floor and the basement. We were scheduled to return back in a couple of weeks but they rented out the house again, so we couldn't return; however, we heard that his son that was there that night bought the house and wanted us to investigate the house again later that year.
This photo was taken the garage of a house in Lee's Summit, Mo in 2011. We have shown this picture on TV and it has to be considered for one of our top ten pictures over the last few years (notice the face on the left).
One of the better pictures of an entity in a house near the Kansas City area. Where this entity is peeking out from, there was only about four inches wide from door frame to wall.