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Bobbie’s House, Kansas City, Missouri: 2010

(as told by group founder, Hector Lugo) Bobbie's House - that is what the title will be for this investigation. This is one of those documented investigations that could be shown on t.v. because of the activity, the cause of it and the end results, so far. The two people living in this apartment in North Kansas City, Mo. are Erin and Bobbie, both in their mid twenties. They have lived in this location for about 17 month. Conducting the investigation for the 10th Dimension Group were Pam, physic, - Big Dave, lead investigator/interviewer - Arnie, Group minister and Hector, Investigator. It started on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 when I was contacted by the father of one of the party members directly involved in the paranormal activity. The father stated that his daughter had just started having strange things happen at their apartment. He straight out said he does not or did not believe in ghost but now he didn't know what to think. He went on to explain that his daughter, Erin and her boyfriend, Bobby all of a sudden started having things happening at there place. He played a tape recording for me that lasted about 10 seconds but you could hear voices on the tape saying what sounded like "get out, get out, get out, this is my house". These EVP'S were captured on her cell phone at about 4 a.m while they were both asleep. Erin asked Bobbie why he had called her at that time and he said he did not. Erin then checked with her cell phone provider company and inquired about the calls made and the company checked the records and showed no call made by Bobbie at that time or her receiving one, they went on to explain that all calls placed and received are documented but they could not explain her calls. He said they had also felt and seen something very strange in their bedroom in the very early hours. It happened at about 01:30 a.m. while Erin and Bobbie were asleep. Erin felt someone squeeze her toes on her foot hard enough to wake her up and when she woke up there was a dark figure in what appeared to be in a dark robe at the end of their bed, but you could not make out the face. She woke up Bobbie who saw the same thing and yelled for it to "get out! " The entity flew out the bedroom window. Erin said another time she went into the kitchen to get a drink of water when she heard a growl, she went running back into the bedroom and hid under her sheets. The father said they had contacted another paranormal group and they would be there that night and gave me the groups name so we could contact them to see if we could work with them. The father was very concerned that whatever was there may hurt one of them. I explained to the father that I didn't see that happening at this time, that it could be the entity was there for some other reason and was trying to make contact with Erin and Bobbie, that the entity had plenty of chances to hurt them if it wanted too. That this could be were a ghost doesn't know how to communicate properly and Erin and Bobby do not understand what is being done. The father placed his daughter on the phone and we spoke for a while and agreed to see what the other paranormal group would come up with and we would proceed from there, they all agreed. I spoke with the paranormal group on the phone as they started their investigation and they said they would call back when completed. About 30 minutes later I got a call from the group saying they went in and lasted about 20 minutes into the investigation before all of the batteries in their equipment was drained. They had placed all new batteries in before they started and had run out, so they had to leave to review what they did record if anything. For the next couple of days the father kept me informed of many more incidents happening in the house and what had started out as one or two events a day was picking up to numerous times during the day and night. Then Erin and Bobbie picked up Bobbies ten year old son on Weds. June 23rd. The kid walked into his bedroom to place his belongings in there when the there was a loud bang and the floor - in his room only -started shaking. The little boy ran out to Erin and asked "what was that?" Erin tried to explain to him that it could be some people working on the apartment below, the kid didn't buy that and slept with her that night. One time Erin went to her car and the radio kept changing radio stations on it's own. Another time she was by her computer and the mouse started moving the cursor until it started shuting off the computer. The t.v. started coming on and going off for no reason. We were then contacted by the father and he was very, very concerned about the safety of the two and what could be done? I explained what we could try to do but that like always we do not make any promises or guarantees, we will go in there as an emergency and try to address the issue as beat as we can in a few hours. A short time later Erin called and we made arrangements to conduct an investigation on the following Sat. night June 26, 2010 at 7 p.m 7 p.m. Saturday, June 26, 2010 Arrangements had been made and Pam, Dave, Arnie and I agreed to meet in the parking lot in front of the apartment where Erin and Bobbie lived. We did our normal protection ritual and a quick scan of the area. As we approached the apartment we all felt that there was nothing negative going on. Pam and Arnie both said it seemed to be an elderly man that needed some kind of help. We knocked on the door and was met by Erin. We introduced each member and decided to go ahead and get started by signing the forms, going over what our intent was going to be and waiting for Bobbie to arrive from work. which he did about 15 minutes later. During the first hour Dave, Pam and Arnie interviewed Erin and Bobbie trying to obtain information on exactly what had happened and when. Meanwhile, I went around with some equipment taking readings, pictures and recording everything to review later. Pam and David also had a recorder going. During the interview session in the living room a couple of strange incidents occurred. First, out of the blue we had an EMF meter sitting on the coffee table in the living room when it started going off for about 15 seconds for no apparent reason. Another time while I was talking with Erin about the activity she just broke down and started crying, she cried hard enough for about 30 seconds that she couldn't answer my questions, and just as it started it stopped. It should be noted that during this 30 seconds you can hear a female voice say on the recorder " Get Out!", the impression I get is that the female voice was not talking to us but to the entity that had entered Erin and was making her cry because right after you hear the "Get out" she stops crying. Erin couldn't explain what happened, she said she did not feel any pain, sadness or happiness during the time period.  They continued the interview session and I went into the computer room, in this room I was taking temperature readings when I noticed that on one wall by a small mirror the temp. was 74.2 on the left and 86 degrees on the right. The equipment (K-2 meter) on the chair started going off so I started asking questions; red for yes and green for no. After about five minutes I had gotten the first couple of letters of the first name - D & I, he was a male, he had died or been crushed in some accident a few years back, that he was 41 years old and they wanted help, needed to move on tonight and they would help.  I then went back out into the living room and had Dave go back into the room and we took readings again. We went outside and took readings and found nothing very strong by the wall but out in the middle of the yard about 50 feet away both meters went to red, probably underground lines. Dave and I discussed what we had found so far and agreed to continue. At this point Dave had to leave to go to work, so Pam, Arnie and I continued.  When I re-entered the apartment Arnie was almost finished with his part and then I asked a few questions. I told them that we had gotten some activity in the computer room and may have even communicated with some entities in the room. I told them that one of the entities said his first name started with D I, could be Dick. He also said that he was not a friend of Erins or relative of hers, he was 41 years old when he died in a crushing accident. They were sorry for scaring them that they just want to move on. At this time Bobbie stood up from sitting on the floor and said that his grandfather went by the name of Dick, he was really Richard. That he was 67 years old when he died from commiting suicide 6 years ago. He also had another relative that had died in a car crash two years ago and he was going to turn 41. For some strange reason when we had asked earlier if any family members had died in the last few years Bobbie just couldn't remember and for his defense, it is very easy to forget information when you are stressed out from something you can not explain, just like when you witness a crime, during the interview session you don't remember all the details till maybe later.  Bobbie went on to say that his grandfather had committed suicide six years ago and he was the one who found his grandfather right after it happened. They do not know why he did it because he appeared normal when he left that day to do some work. That Bobbie and his son were real close to his grandfather.  We then found out from Bobbie that since he had found his grandfather that he had never visited him at the grave site. He and Erin had visited his grave site for the first time this past Memorial day, when everything started. We then placed it all together and decided that we would perform a special ritual with Arnie present and send the entities to where they needed to go.  We joined hands and explained to Bobbie that this was his special moment to accomplish something incredible, to help family move on. They wanted his forgiveness, love and respect. They needed something only Bobbie could give, that he was the person they needed approval from to move on. Arnie started with a special prayer and turned it over to me. I said a few words to the entities and then to Bobbie and let Bobbie speak from his heart.Bobbie proceeded and when he was done you could feel the change in the atmosphere in the room. Arnie said he was gone, they were all gone. Bobbie said he felt like a ton of weight had been removed from his shoulders and excused himself.  Arnie and Pam then performed another special cleansing with sea salt, St. Michael's blessed candle and some other items to conclude the ceremony.  Since June 26 I've spoken with the father and Erin. Since that night all has been normal, nothing, nothing has happened and this is now July 23rd, 2010. Erin and Bobbie were asked to please call us if anything happens again but hopefully we'll not hear from them about these relatives.  As far as pictures and videos there was nothing that we feel was concrete enough to place on this report, however, some of the best EVPS we've ever captured occurred during this investigation. The EVPS will be added at a later date.