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The 10th Dimension Paranormal Group has an Internet radio station Paranormal Corridorat TuneIn Radio! You can listen to the station at this link, or you can download the TuneIn Radio app for your smartphone and then search for the “10th Dimension Paranormal” channel. Currently are playing speaker sessions from our Kansas City Paracon conference in August, 2016. We had a number of speakers discussing subjects such as the paranormal, ghosts and spirits, Bigfoot and UFOs. In the future, we will be adding additional speakers on varous similar topics. Royalty free music will be streaming when a speaker is not broadcasting. Please see schedule below, and there is no cost for (basic) TuneIn Radio, which enables you to listen to our station free! Remember--search for “10th Dimension Paranormal” on your smart device from the TuneIn Radio app!   MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY - SUNDAY   Paracon 2016 - Day 1    12:00 am - 08:59 am - Royalty Free Music 9:00  am - Ed Green “Native American Beliefs” 10:00  am - Chris Sutton “Shamanic Practitioner/Paranormal Investigator”  11:00 am - Brendon Callahan “Paranormal Investigator & Author” 12:00 pm - Mike Diamond “Paranormal Researcher” 1:00 pm - Heather Hunter “Psychic Medium” 2:00 pm - Rob Garcia “Paranormal Investigator” 3:00 pm - David Glidden “Paranormal Investigator” 4:00 pm - Todd Sheets “Paranormal Radio & Movie Director/Writer” 5:00 pm - Larry Flaxman “Paranormal Researcher & Author” 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm - Royalty Free Music


Paracon 2016 - Day 2 12:00 am - 08:59 am - Royalty Free Music 9:00 am   - Jean Walker “UFOs” 10:00 am - Steve Hays “Paranormal Investigator” 11:00 am - Frank J Bennett “Cryptozoology Author” 12:00 pm - David Glidden “Paranormal Investigator” 1:00 pm - Chris Sutton “Shamanic Practitioner/Paranormal Investigator”  2:00 pm - 2 Guys In The Know “Psychic Mediums” 3:00 pm - Mike Diamond “Paranormal Researcher” 4:00 pm - Brendon Callahan “Paranormal Investigator & Author” 5:00 pm - 11:59 pm - Royalty Free Music